The Handy Presidents Answer Book (Paperback)

By David L. Hudson

Visible Ink Press, 9781578593170, 400pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2011



A complete look at every Presidents' who, what, when, where, why, and, how ...
Offering an engaging overview of the U.S. presidency and all past presidents, this valuable tome asks a variety of questions, from the trivial to the topical, that further expands one's understanding of America's highest office. With an intriguing range of questions about religious affiliations, unusual backgrounds, and tidbits of odd trivia--from "Which president killed a man in a duel?" to "Who was the first Baptist to become president?"--this reference also covers former presidential candidates, first ladies, key appointments, and election results. Revealing important answers to foreign policy questions and decisions made during times of war, as well as presidential actions in times of economic boom and bust, isolationism and expansion, and economic policies and unusual anecdotes, this fun and absorbing anthology provides a thorough overview of more than 200 years of U.S. presidents.

About the Author

David Hudson Jr., JD, is the author or coauthor of more than 20 books, including "The American Bar Association Guide to Credit and Bankruptcy," "The Encyclopedia of the First Amendment," and "The Handy Supreme Court Answer Book." He works as a First Amendment scholar at the First Amendment Center and teaches at Vanderbilt Law School, the Nashville School of Law, and Middle Tennessee State University. He lives in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Praise For The Handy Presidents Answer Book

"A storehouse of information about all aspects of the presidents' lives."  Oklahoma City Oklahoman

"A beefy contribution to presidential studies, the kind of resource from which one could easily build an interesting term report for school. A serious piece of presidential scrutiny." —Kirkus Reviews (June 15, 2011)

"Hudson has done an excellent job." —VOYA (October 2011) 

"In question-and-answer format, Hudson (first amendment scholar, Vanderbilt U.) concisely explains key facts about US presidential campaigns, cabinets, and policies as well as trivia about the First Family." —Book News (October 2011) 

"The Handy Presidents Answer Book should be popular with students." — (November, 2011)

"If there's something you need to know, if you're selected for a presidential trivia game show, if you want to impress people with White House facts, you want to own this book." —Children's Book Review (February 2012)