The Double Life of Alfred Buber (Hardcover)

By David Schmahmann

The Permanent Press, 9781579622183

Publication Date: June 1, 2011

List Price: 28.00*
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The Double Life of Alfred Buber is a memoir about an illicit love affair that one gradually begins to realize is rather different than the author confesses. Alfred Buber is a pillar of his community, a respected man with a secret, and a secret life, until one day the two cross over and even he can no longer tell which is real and which is not. Buber’s passion for women is matched only by his inability to relate to them, and after years of bruising attempts to find love he seeks his escape in an illegitimate and all encompassing romance with a Bangkok bargirl. She may reciprocate. She may not. Buber’s dilemma—to believe in her, and in what he is doing, or not, to bring her home to Boston, or not, to continue a wholly respectable life that is bringing him no happiness, or not—is the premise of this truly unforgettable love story, and its equally unforgettable, completely flawed, lovers.

David Schmahmann’s second novel has a kinship with Vladimir Nabokov’s fiction, given its elegance of language, humor, and content that deals with obsession, loneliness, folly, heartache, and the thin line separating reality from fantasy.

Praise For The Double Life of Alfred Buber

"Ultimately, The Double Life of Alfred Buber offers a fascinating examination of what happens when we pretend to be everything we're not. That this is something we all do at one time or another and to one extent or another (and with increasing frequency in the virtual age we're living in) makes it especially relevant. An excellent read and a gripping character study." --Small Press Reviews

"In style and subject, this novel pays homage to Lolita, and Buber sounds like a cross between that novel’s Humbert Humbert and T.S. Eliot’s J. Alfred Prufrock—lines from whose love song are mimicked and quoted by a narrator who has the same inclination for self-flagellation." —ForeWord magazine

"Alfie Buber is a great comic character and this story reveals truths about poverty, loneliness, and our often misguided attempts at love." —Daphne Kalotay, Calamity and Other Stories

"David Schmahmann has created a character with the vividness of J. Alfred Prufrock or Humbert Humbert. Buber’s obsessions and the carefully-guarded secret life he leads makes for a compelling novel." —Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

"An unusual morality play whose artful style veils the depravity of its protagonist."


"Captures the desperation and love between unequals." —Publishers Weekly