Invisible Girls (Paperback)

Speaking the Truth about Sexual Abuse

By Patti Feuereisen

Seal Press, 9781580058605, 416pp.

Publication Date: December 4, 2018

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A powerful source of healing for teen girls and young women who have experienced sexual abuse, Invisible Girls offers survivors agency and hope in an era when too many girls have suffered alone
The statistics are staggering.

One in four girls will experience sexual abuse by the time she is sixteen, and 48 percent of all rapes involve a young woman under the age of eighteen. It's not surprising then, that in a society where sexual abuse of young women is rampant, many women never share their stories. They remain hidden and invisible.

In her pioneering work with young survivors through the last thirty years, Dr. Patti Feuereisen has helped teen girls and young women to find their voices, begin healing, and become visible.

In this revised second edition, Dr. Patti's gentle guidance and the girls' powerful stories continue to create an encouraging message: Remarkable healing is possible if girls learn to share their stories in their teens and early twenties. With a new introduction, new chapters, and updated resources, this new edition of Invisible Girls has even more to offer girls, young women, and those who care about them.

About the Author

Dr. Patti Feuereisen is a psychologist in private practice in Brooklyn Heights and Manhattan. She trains staff who work with sex abuse survivors, speaks at colleges and high schools, runs workshops around the country, hosts empowerment book readings, is a speaker for Take Back the Night, and runs support workshops for foster and adoptive parents. In 2006, Dr. Patti founded Girlthrive, a nonprofit awarding incest survivor girls with scholarship money to help them heal and thrive.

Praise For Invisible Girls: Speaking the Truth about Sexual Abuse

"I love Dr. Patti's message to the world! Sexual-abuse survivors heal and become victorious! In this battle zone of sexual abuse with pain, hardship, and discomfort, these beautiful goddesses found their freedom and became victorious by walking in their honesty, truth, and vulnerability. When we reveal our wounds, we heal and we help others heal. Owning your scars isn't shameful at all, in fact wearing them is very liberating and freeing. That's exactly what Invisible Girls did for one of my best friends, and it saved her life. Invisible Girls: Speaking The Truth About Sexual Abuse is a form of art that makes the unseen visible. It is a tale of the refusal to be broken, the determination to become whole and victorious."
Madison Jaye

"Invisible Girls speaks the truth of sexual abuse like no other book has dared.

Through these young voices, and Dr. Patti's
interwoven love and guidance, we experience the extraordinary resilience of
those who have lived through the unspeakable

--Lyn Mikel Brown, author of Packaging Girlhood, Raising Their Voices, and Meeting at the CrossroadsLyn Mikel Brown, author of Packaging Girlhood, Raising Their Voices, and Meeting at the Crossroads

"If you are a teenage girl, this book may save your life. Invisible Girls will help you see the truth."
--Karrie Higgens, author of Invisible Insurrection

"This book gives girls who have gone through
the unspeakable (and survived!) the rare possibility of raising
their voices loud and clear, like we have never heard before. Invisible
show us the way to recovery."
Eva Vives, writer and director of All About Nina

"Thanks to
Feuereisen's expertise, thoughtful advice, and ability to speak directly to
the girls, Invisible Girls has created
a space for girls to tell their stories and break through the walls of silence
and begin to heal."
Katie Feifer, Voices and Faces Project

"These voices of young abuse survivors, and
Dr. Patti's compassionate insights, make this the important book for anyone who
wants to begin to understand the trauma of sexual abuse and how girls and young
women survive and thrive after the crime."
Scott Berkowitz, president of RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)

"An excellent book for the adolescent girl and young woman who has been abused."
Psych Central

now we have not heard the voices of teen girls quite like this. In this work,
the author offers us a glimpse into the worlds of teenaged girls and young
women who are abuse survivors. These young women tell their stories of incest,
date rape, acquaintance rape, and mentor abuse. The stories deserve to be
heard. The truth hurts, but it also heals."
Canadian Women's Health Network

"Invisible Girls
is remarkable.... Myths are debunked
and survivors and their allies are guided toward a beautiful path of healing."
Girls Coalition of Greater Boston

"I highly
recommend Invisible Girls if you are
a survivor of sexual violence, or know someone who is. . . . A fantastic resource."
Rachna Goel, Jane Doe Advocacy Center

invaluable resource. The feedback in my community is extraordinary."
Victims Crimes Assistance Program, Connecticut