The Overnight Resume: The Fastest Way to Your Next Job (Paperback)

The Fastest Way to Your Next Job

By Donald Asher

Ten Speed Press, 9781580080910, 134pp.

Publication Date: January 12, 2010



Call from a headhunter? Layoffs getting a little too close for comfort? Hear about a great new internal opportunity? Getting out of the military? Or just frustrated and wonder if you could do better someplace else?
This is the definitive guide to getting you on the market fast.
The third edition of The Overnight Resume has been completely revised and updated for everyone--from entry level* to the executive suite--who is serious about getting an interview and landing a job.
"*Tip #1: Never use the term "entry level" in any resume." For hundreds more tips that suit your particular case, just look inside.
Information you'll find nowhere else includes:
- How to beat other jobseekers at 1,000-to-1 odds.
- How to launch a full-scale job search within 24 hours.
- How to access the hidden job market where the best jobs are.
- What returning parents and returning prisoners have in common.
- How to beat resume-sorting software
- Online resumes, HTML, scannable, and portfolio versions.
- Differences between East Coast and West Coast resume styles.
- How to look like a local, from anywhere in the country.

About the Author

DONALD ASHER is the author of ten books on the topics of careers and higher education. He is a contributing writer for the "San Francisco Chronicle," the "Wall Street Journal s" and, "USAirways Magazine," MSN Encarta and MSN homepage, Dow Jones s "National Business Employment Weekly" and "Managing Your Career" magazines, and many other publications and career sites. He visits more than one hundred university campuses every year to discuss career management topics from salary negotiations to linking your major to your life goals."

Praise For The Overnight Resume: The Fastest Way to Your Next Job

"a guide to creating a distinctive resume."
—amNew York