Stock Market Knowledge for All Ages: Answering Questions about Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds (Paperback)

Answering Questions about Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

By Susie Vaccaro Hardeman

Ten Speed Press, 9781580086271, 80pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2004



When Susie Vaccaro Hardeman tried to open a brokerage account in a young neighbor's name as thanks for a favor, she was shocked that brokerages, bookstores, and libraries couldn't deliver a single primer for young students or anyone of any age, for that matter, who is interested in learning stock market basics.And so she spent the next year researching, interviewing, and talking with hundreds of people, compiling the fundamentals needed in order to make a foray onto Wall Street. In this colorful and easy-to-use guide, you 'll find answers to questions such as What is liquidity? What determines the price of a stock? What is a day trader, and are there night traders? plus many, many more. With friendly illustrations lighting your way, you 'll soon be navigating the world of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with confidence and ease. An insightful, easy-to-use stock market guide for young adults, professionals, educators - people of all ages! Includes a brief history of Wall Street (including how it got its name), a list of good research websites, and instructions on how to read a newspaper stock listing. Also features fascinating stock market trivia.

About the Author

Over the years, SUSIE VACCARO HARDEMAN has been associated with three major brokerage firms--Merrill Lynch, Dean Witter, and E. F. Hutton--doing everything from charting commodities and stocks, writing and entering buy and sell orders, researching, and organizing seminars. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.