Journeys to a Jewish Life: Inspiring Stories from the Spiritual Journeys of American Jews (Hardcover)

Inspiring Stories from the Spiritual Journeys of American Jews

By Paula Amann

Jewish Lights Publishing, 9781580233170, 185pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2007



Follow the soul treks of Jews lost and found.
Be inspired to connect with Judaism in new ways.

No two people take the same journey . Yet the telling of each story can ease the footsteps of those who follow . It is my hope that these] tales will offer you camaraderie, a guidepost here and there, and, most of all, the heart and strength to pursue your own path.
from the Introduction

What draws Jews back to their religious roots? What drives them away? What obstacles must they overcome to find their way home?

Paula Amann candidly probes these questions and more as she explores how secular and nominal Jews are blazing their own trails toward a vibrant, twenty-first-century Judaism. With the ear of a journalist and the heart of a seeker, Amann weaves a tapestry of human stories of alienation, connection, spiritual detours, and unexpected portals into a life of faith. The people you meet in this engaging book will throw a fresh light on Jewish thought and practice. And their tales of personal transformation might just renew your relationship with Judaism or send you off on your own Jewish journey.

Topics include:

  • Swerving In and Out of Other Faiths
  • Traditions That Chafe
  • The Arts as a Portal
  • Healing Body and Soul
  • Making a Jewish Life That Works
  • And Many Others