Consuming Faith: Integrating Who We Are with What We Buy (Paperback)

Integrating Who We Are with What We Buy

By Tom Beaudoin

Sheed & Ward, 9781580512084, 121pp.

Publication Date: December 12, 2006



Americans search for identity through a paradoxical pair of passions: spirituality and consumerism. On the one hand, we participate in religion or practice spirituality and on the other hand we are keen consumers. But, as Tom Beaudoin's Consuming Faith makes clear, if we truly seek to put our spirituality into practice, we must integrate who we are with what we buy. How are we linked to the rest of the world through our purchases? What does faith have to do with what we buy? With a new updated preface by the author, this paperback edition invites us to think about how our purchases affect who we are as individuals and as members of a global community.