Whistler's Hollow (Hardcover)

By Debbie Dadey

Bloomsbury USA Childrens, 9781582347899, 130pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2002



Lillie Mae's mama has just died, and with her father not back from the Great War that ended over a year before, Lillie is shipped by her mean Aunt Helen off to relatives she has never met. Although she misses her parents terribly, Lillie Mae feels welcomed and loved by Uncle Dallas and Aunt Esther. However, there is something strange happening at Whistler's Hollow. As Lillie Mae resolves the mysteries of her young life, she confronts heartbreak and loneliness with courage, grace and ultimately, hope.

About the Author

Debbie Dadey grew up in Kentucky and is well-known for co-authoring the successful Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series. Her individual titles include" Cherokee Sister," which was recently on Bank Street College's list of Best Children's Books of the Year. She now lives in Fort Collins, CO with her husband, three children, two dogs, and one gerbil.