The Next 25 Years: The New Supreme Court and What It Means for Americans (Paperback)

The New Supreme Court and What It Means for Americans

By Martin Garbus

Seven Stories Press, 9781583228340, 239pp.

Publication Date: December 1, 2008



In The Next 25 Years, renowned First Amendment lawyer Martin Garbus examines what will be the impact of the new Supreme Court on the future of our republic. Drawing on extensive knowledge of Constitutional law and legal precedents, Garbus, one of our most astute legal historians, defrocks the executive branch’s grip over the judiciary as an extension of its own executive powers. He warns of the threat of an incoming "textualist" bench that wishes to roll back more than a century’s worth of hard-won reforms. And he offers the first clear-eyed account of how the coming bench may imperil our way of life and endanger the liberties you may have thought were our inalienable rights.

About the Author

MARTIN GARBUS has appeared before the United States Supreme Court and the highest courts throughout the nation. He is the subject of the HBO documentary Shouting Fire: Stories From the Edge of Free Speech. He lives in New York City.