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Cover for The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health

The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health

501 Recipes for Healthy Living, Green Cleaning, and Natural Beauty

Pip Waller


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Kitchen pharmacy meets green cleaning and natural beauty in this comprehensive handbook of 501 recipes that harness the power of plants to enhance wellness and toxin-free living. Expert herbalist Pip Waller provides a wealth of information about growing, collecting, preserving, and preparing herbs for a variety of purposes--from cleaning products, to food and drink, medicines, beauty products, and more. Attractive and easy to use, The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health includes growing tips and profiles of herbs, guidelines for setting up an herbalist's kitchen, and techniques to make everything from tinctures to tonics. A valuable resource for anyone affected by allergies or sensitivities, this compendium is handsomely produced with two-color printing throughout and more than three hundred striking illustrations.

The Handbook includes contributions from herbalists from around the world and encompasses recipes that range from very simple to more complex. Seasoned herbalists as well as those just beginning to explore the world of herbs will find something to start their own nontoxic, non-allergenic domestic revolution.

The book includes:
   • A history of herbal lore
   • The herbalist's kitchen--equipment and procedures for harnessing the power of plants
   • Green cleaning products (from floor wax to stain removers)
   • Herbal pharmacy (from throat lozenges to hangover cures)
   • Nutritional supplements and detoxes
   • First aid (from anti-anxiety drops to bruise ointment)
   • For travel (insect repellant to anti-nausea drops)
   • Food and drink (breads, butters, wines, teas)
   • Beauty and balms (toothpaste to shampoo to lip balm)
   • Kitchen Pharmacy
   • Food & Drink
   • Beauty, Balms & Personal Care

Praise For The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health: 501 Recipes for Healthy Living, Green Cleaning, and Natural Beauty

"If you pour through herb books searching for formulas, you will love this one! With contributions from three dozen herbalists, it addresses a wide range of conditions. The recipes use only a few ingredients, yet look very effective. They include tea, wine, and a few food dishes. This book is divided into kitchen pharmacy, first-aid, bodycare, and natural household cleaners. Methods for collecting and preserving your herbs are introduced. Waller, also the author of Holistic Anatomy, was clinical supervisor for the National Institute of Medical Herbalists Training Clinic at the University of Central Lancashire." — American Herb Association Quarterly

North Atlantic Books, 9781583948927, 288pp.

Publication Date: March 3, 2015

About the Author

PIP WALLER is a medical herbalist, massage therapist, plant spirit medicine and shamanic practitioner. She has taught anatomy and physiology to students of natural medicine since 1991, including at the Blarney Centre of Acupuncture and Reflexology, the Academy of Natural Health in London, and the Meridian School of Massage in Birmingham. She has also been a clinical supervisor for the National Institute of Medical Herbalists Training Clinic attached to the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. She is the author of Holistic Anatomy--An Integrative Guide to the Human Body and lives in North Wales.