Golf Girl's Little Tartan Book: How to Be True to Your Sex and Get the Most from Your Game (Hardcover)

How to Be True to Your Sex and Get the Most from Your Game

By Patricia Hannigan

Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, 9781584798293, 144pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2010



Golf blogger Patricia Hannigan has a driving ambition: to get each of her thousands of female followers to play like a girl. That, she insists, is just the way for a woman to excel at golf--and, every bit as important, to have a lot of fun doing so.

A witty and world-wise departure from the vast shelf of oh-so-predictable instructional guides, Golf Girl's Little Tartan Book doesn't focus on technique. Instead, it teaches attitude, demonstrating how a gal who's passionate about golf can use her feminine wiles and womanly style to her distinct advantage on the course. From teeing off (don't be coy about using those red tees) to getting teed off (don't be timid about throwing the occasional tantrum), Hannigan entertainingly dispenses advice that's sure to be useful to any woman intent on securing membership in the "boys' club" called golf.

About the Author

Patricia Hannigan's blog, "Golf Girl's Diary," was one of the first golf blogs on the Internet and remains one of the most popular. She has written for Golf Digest, CT Golfer, and a number of golf lifestyle publications and has appeared on Inside Edition and Good Morning America. Her PR firm, Golf Girl Media, counts top professional golfers, golf courses, and golf apparel designers as clients. Hannigan lives in Danbury, Connecticut.