Pocket Peace (Paperback)

Effective Practices for Enlightened Living

By Allan Lokos

Tarcherperigee, 9781585427819, 226pp.

Publication Date: February 18, 2010

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An elegantly packaged "pocket-size" guide to weathering life's storms

"As founder and guilding teacher of the Community Meditation Center in New York, Allan Lokos has an arsenal of tools for coping with stressful situations."
--Rachel Lee Harris, New York Times

We live in a turbulent world in which we are often forced to respond on a dime to challenging or even life-altering situations. To react wisely in difficult moments one needs to be quick on one's feet, but also quick of mind. In Pocket Peace, interfaith minister and Buddhist practitioner Reverend Allan Lokos provides readers with concise yet incisive daily "pocket practices" that will enable them to act in accordance with their truest and best selves.

If you want to run a marathon, you must train slowly and purposefully for months. Likewise, if you want to be your best self and learn to confront whatever comes your way with kindness, compassion, and generosity, you need to . . . practice. This elegantly packaged little book is full of wisdom and teachings the reader can literally pull from their pocket each day. A small yet powerful spiritual companion that intertwines personal anecdotes and age-old wisdom with practical guidance, Pocket Peace sets readers on the path to inner peace and lasting happiness.

About the Author

Allan Lokos is the founder and guiding teacher of the Community Meditation Center in New York City. A former professional singer who was in the original Broadway company of Oliver! among others, Lokos has published numerous articles and been a contributor to Tricycle magazine. He lives in New York City.

Praise For Pocket Peace: Effective Practices for Enlightened Living

"Stress is a sure happiness killer, but the antidote just might be Pocket Peace by Allan Lokos . . . Lokos brings a calming Buddhist slant to urban angst, doling out creative, easy-as-pie practices (choose a belonging you really like and give it away to discover how you feel about attachment issues) to help soothe your way, offering another great option for turning over new pages in your life."
-The Boston Globe

"A beautifully lucid and heartwarming book. Through many personal stories and simple practices, Allan Lokos shows us the possibility of wise living. His understanding, clarity, and open-heartedness move us from theory to action as we navigate through our lives."
-Joseph Goldstein, author of A Heart Full of Peace and One Dharma

"Pocket Peace is a beautifully written, practical guide to transforming our everyday experience into one of greater peace. Allan Lokos warmly takes us by the hand and leads us, as a friend, into an exploration of a genuine path to happiness."
-Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness

"A wonderfully heartfelt and pragmatic toolbox of meditative skills that anyone can practice, anywhere, at any time."
-Stephen Batchelor, author of Buddhism Without Beliefs.

"'The way up is the way down,' said Heraclitus and for twenty-five centuries spiritual seekers have found this insight to be deep and true. But how to put it into practice? With a winning warmth and with altogether unpretentious wisdom, Allan Lokos provides a guidebook. If we let him show us the way down into everyday spirituality, we may find ourselves raised higher up than we ever dared to hope."
-Brother David Steindl-Rast, author of Gratefulness

"Pocket Peace is a book of little gems for great progress. Hurdle with joy with this book in your purse."
-Judy Collins, singer-songwriter and author of The Seven T's and Sanity and Grace