Wishing on a Star (Paperback)

Constellation Stories and Stargazing Activities for Kids (Gibbs Smith Jr. Activity)

By Fran Lee

Gibbs Smith, 9781586850296, 64pp.

Publication Date: March 12, 2001

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If you go outside on a clear night, you can't help yourself. Your head tilts back, your eyes rise up, and you find yourself gazing at the stars . . . WOW From the beginning of time, people have admired the night sky's beauty.

The night sky is our oldest picture book, and Wishing on a Star retells some of these stories from around the world in simple language that kids can understand.

Wishing on a Star also includes lots of fun activities that celebrate the stars. Learn how to make a twinkling thaumatrope, fly a starry kite, and act in your own constellation play. Star maps and stargazing tips show how to find the constellations, and cool science facts teach more about the stars.

Paperback, Full-Color Illustrations Throughout, Ages 7 and up