A Future for Africa: Critical Essays in Christian Social Imagination (Paperback)

Critical Essays in Christian Social Imagination

By Emmanuel M. Katongole

University of Scranton Press, 9781589661028, 300pp.

Publication Date: September 26, 2005



Civil war, famine, genocide, AIDS Africa has endured some of the most horrific human tragedies of recent times. The rapid rise of a Christian social ethics movement, however, suggests a powerful coping mechanism for African peoples. One of the leaders of this movement is Emmanuel Katongole, a Catholic priest in Uganda. In "A Future for Africa," Katongole wrestles with Africa's concrete and debilitating problems, including poverty, corruption, and tribalism, and then offers humanitarian and faith-filled solutions. The work fills a vacancy in the current debate about lasting solutions to Africa's problems and should be meaningful reading for scholars of ethics and religion alike.

About the Author

Emmanuel M. Katongole is associate research professor of theology and world

Christianity in the Divinity School at Duke University and editor of "African Theology Today." He is a Catholic priest of the Kampala Archdiocese, Uganda.