Mistresses: A History of the Other Woman (Hardcover)

A History of the Other Woman

By Elizabeth Abbott

Overlook Books, 9781590204436, 528pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2011



She has been called the "kept woman," the "fancy woman," and the "other woman." She exists as both a fictional character and as a flesh-and-blood human being. But who is she, really? Why do women become mistresses, and what is it like to have a private life that is usually also a secret life? Is a mistress merely a wife-in-waiting, or is she the ver y definition of the emancipated, independent female? Elizabeth Abbott intelligently examines the motives and morals of some of history's most infamous and fascinating women, from antiquity to today. Drawing intimate portraits of those who have--by chance, coercion, or choice--assumed this complex role, "Mistresses" offers a rich blend of personal biography and cultural insight.

About the Author

Elizabeth Abbott is the internationally bestselling author of "A History of Celibacy," "Sugar" and "Haiti." She teaches at the University of Toronto and lives in Toronto.""