Timebomb: A Thriller (Hardcover)

A Thriller

By Gerald Seymour

Overlook Press, 9781590206997, 432pp.

Publication Date: February 16, 2012



Hard on the heels of last year's brilliant "The Collaborator" comes this multilayered novel of espionage and crime. In 1992, after being fired from a top secret nuclear facility, a KGB operative buried a nuclear suitcase--a dirty bomb. Sixteen years later he has found a buyer. Traveling with the buyer is an undercover agent, working for MI6. But as their shadowy journey begins, it becomes clear that their man is beginning to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, and the whole operation is very likely to be thrown into jeopardy. Displaying a fast-paced narrative and an in-depth knowledge of international politics, "Timebomb" is a racing thriller to keep you reading late into the night.

About the Author

GERALD SEYMOUR spent fifteen years as an international television news reporter, covering Vietnam and the Middle East and specializing in terrorism. He is the author of the acclaimed thriller "Harry's Game" and many other books, six of which have been filmed.