Who Is God?: The Soul's Road Home (Paperback)

The Soul's Road Home

By Irma Zaleski

New Seeds, 9781590303047, 135pp.

Publication Date: August 8, 2006



God. It's such a small word to stand for such an immense mystery. Great theologians and ordinary folks have wrestled with it and lost. But this is just as it should be, according to Irma Zaleski. Any answer to the question "Who is God?" that satisfies our minds will likely be a false one, an idea about a reality that transcends ideas. Yet there is great value in asking the question, she says, because the answer to it is found in the asking: It is in the place of not-knowing that arises from asking "Who is God?" that words and concepts fall away, that the mystery of what that little three-letter word represents is communicated directly to the heart.
In forty-six short meditations, Irma Zaleski reflects on the mystery of God, the vision of faith, and the conversion of the heart that enables us to live in communion with the Ultimate Reality that reason cannot penetrate nor words express.

About the Author

Irma Zaleski is the author of several books, including "God Is Not Reasonable," "The Way of Repentance," and "Living the Jesus Prayer." "The Way of Repentance " was one of "Christianity Today"'s favorite books of 1999.

Praise For Who Is God?: The Soul's Road Home

"Zaleski wins the most-insight-in-the-least-number-of-pages award."— Christianity Today