Simple Living for the Worn Out Woman (Hardcover)

By Alice Gray (Compiled by), Steve Stephens (Compiled by), John Van Diest (Compiled by)

Multnomah Books, 9781590527450, 174pp.

Publication Date: November 16, 2006



Simply for Myself
Does the thought of one more to-do list put you over the edge? How about submerging yourself into sumptuously illustrated pages whose only concern is "you" This book has nothing to do with to do, and everything to do with healing and peace. The beauty of these thoughtfully chosen insights is that they use simplicity to bring you simplicity condensing essential information and practical solutions into one or two pages. Find strategies for limiting your commitments, nurturing your spirit, celebrating your accomplishments, and protecting your dreams. "Simple Living for the Worn Out Woman" will help you ease into new perspectives and provide simple steps to reconnecting with your life
Slow down
Catch your breath
Savor the moment
Enjoy a small delight
Isn t It About Time for "You"?

"Simple Living for the Worn Out Woman" has nothing to do with to do, and everything to do with infusing your life with energy, sparkle, and radiance. These thoughtfully chosen insights use simplicity to bring you simplicity gentle wisdom and soothing comfort condensed into satisfying mini-retreats.
Ease into the absolute pleasure of
Nurturing your spirit
Cherishing relationships
Recapturing your dreams
Celebrating your accomplishments.
It's time for a new, refreshed "you."
Story Behind the Book
the perfect balance of ideas and inspiration, compassion and common sense, helping us find a saner way to live.
Liz Curtis Higgs, bestselling author, "Bad Girls of the Bible.

About the Author

Alice Gray

Alice Gray is an inspirational conference speaker and the compiler of the bestselling Stories for the Heart book series, with more than 7 million copies sold.

Dr. Steve Stephens

Dr. Steve Stephens is a licensed psychologist, marriage and family therapist, seminar speaker, and author. He is the author of more than twenty books, with over one million copies sold.

John Van Diest

John Van Diest has been a book publisher for more than twenty-five years, is the author/compiler of ten books, and is a recipient of the prestigious Publisher of the Year Award.