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Teaching Liberation

Essays on Social Justice, Animals, Veganism, and Education

Agnes Trzak (Editor)


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As humankind moves deeper into the Anthropocene, a period marked by climate disruption, species extinction, and profound challenges to human and animal welfare, what and how we teach our children has never been of greater importance. In this passionate, incisive, and diverse collection of thirteen interconnected essays, educators at every level of education and from four continents call for a re-imagined pedagogy that embeds respect for the other-than-human world, encourages imagination and resilience, and fosters open inquiry based on principles of justice, fairness, and equity. By turns polemical, visionary, and practical, Teaching Liberation is an essential book for critical animal studies scholars, humane educators, and all those who practice pedagogy, whether in the classroom or outside it.

Essays include

  • Dismantling the Human/Animal Divide in Education: The Case for Critical Humane Education by Sarah Rose Olson
  • Our Bodies, Complex and Connected: Analyzing Interconnected Oppressions as a Methodological Basis for a Liberating Pedagogy by Beti Scott Brown
  • Modeling Dissent: Teachers as Protectors, Activists, and Public Intellectuals by Jacqueline Adamescu
  • Including an Anti-speciesist Practice in My Work with Neurodiverse Youth by Riley J. Taylor
  • Learning about Animals: How We Are Taught to Ignore Animal Oppression by Susan M. Roberts
  • What Zoos Teach Us: Speciesism, Colonialism, Racism, and Capitalism in the Captive Animal Industry by Liz Tyson and Nicola O'Brien
  • Ecocriticism in the Classroom and at Home: Generating a New Ethical and Ecological Consciousness through Fairy Tales by Tanja Badalic
  • Including Non-Vegans in Developing and Delivering an Anti-Speciesist Pedagogy to Children by T nia Regina Vizachri, Adriana Regina Braga, and Lu's Paulo de Carvalho Piassi
  • "The Things We Choose to Teach Are Political Decisions. So, Embrace That." Neoliberalism, the Academy, and Critical Animal Studies Educators by Heather Fraser and Nik Taylor
  • What We Can Learn about Vegan Education from Anarchist Philosophy and Animal Liberation Activists by Will Boisseau
  • Teaching Men: What Men (and All of Us) Need to Consider when Communicating for Veganism by Agnes Trzak
  • Muscles, Meat, and Masculinity: Obstacles to a Vegan Teaching Practice in the Sports Sciences by Blane Abercrombie
  • Working with the Imagination and a Corporeal Pedagogy to Foster Interspecies Empathy by Terry Hurtado

Lantern Publishing & Media, 9781590565926, 272pp.

Publication Date: October 15, 2019