Brave Dogs, Gentle Dogs: How They Guard Sheep (Hardcover)

How They Guard Sheep

By Cat Urbigkit

Boyds Mills Press, 9781590783177, 32pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2005



Like other livestock in the Rocky Mountains, sheep need protection frompredators, such as coyotes and wolves. Guardian dogs help ranchers protect their flocks. But they are not the typical herding dogs, and they are not native to the region. The breeds were imported from Europe, where they have beenguarding livestock for thousands of years.Aspuppies, they are placed in fleece and learn to identify with thesmell of sheep. It isn't long before they meet their first sheep and mingle with the flock. With little training, the dogs instinctively know that their job is tokeepa lookoutfor danger andnow and thendo some babysitting.Cat Urbigkit's engaging photo-essay shows how guardian dogs form a bond with the sheep that lasts throughout the dogs' life.

About the Author

Cat Urbigkit is a reporter and rancher living in Wyoming with her husband, Jim, and their son, Cass. They live on a ranch with a flock of sheep and their guardian dogs. This is Cat's first children's book."