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Cover for Feeling Sad

Feeling Sad

Sarah Verroken


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A great book for little ones dealing with sadness or the grumps.

Praise For Feeling Sad

Winner of the International Illustrator’s Award of the City of Hasselit in Belgium

Winner of the 2008 Plantin Moretus Prize

Nominated for the Boekenpauw 2008 (the annual award for the best illustratred Belgian picture book) and by the Kids and Youth Jury of Flanders (the winners of both awards will be announced in 2009)

"A great book for little ones dealing with sadness or grief. I can't help but think of how much this book would have been a big help for my bipolar son when he was little, helping him to express his feelings and find a way to feel better. The illustrations absolutely convey the mood change in a way that will make sense and delight your little one as he looks for the 'bright spots' in the gloomy day."- Lisa Barker,

"A deceptively simple Dutch import (with the deliciously evocative original title of Boos) shows young readers a way to turn their moods around. Duck, despite the presence of her beloved toy Cuddly, 'is not having a good time. Everything around her seems so gloomy.' She makes her way through a black-and-white landscape as clouds lower and rain begins to fall. 'Could the clouds be sad too? Duck feels worse than ever.' But a cheerful frog encourages her to 'Look ahead!' and Duck sees 'a tiny bit of color.' Emboldened, she gathers the clouds together to help her find the sun. As Duck begins to take control of her day, Verroken begins to digitally add color to her bold woodblocks until, when the sun finds Duck, the landscape is saturated with it. The illustrator’s control of line and color easily communicates Duck’s emotional journey, her self-translated text complementing it with ingenuous charm. It’s an offbeat little tale, but children should feel empowered by its take-charge message. Who can’t respond to a duck that tells clouds what to do?" - Kirkus Reviews

The Mystery Bookstore top ten for 2010, Los Angeles, CA.

Enchanted Lion Books, 9781592700837, 32pp.

Publication Date: May 12, 2009

About the Author

Sarah Verroken is a graphic designer and illustrator. She graduated from university in 2006 with a Master's Degree in the Visual Arts and Illustration. For her Master's thesis, she created the picture book Feeling Sad, published in the U.S. by Enchanted Lion Books.