Magicman Archives (Hardcover)

By Russ Manning, Russ Manning (Illustrator)

Dark Horse Comics, 9781593079857, 259pp.

Publication Date: December 16, 2008



Vietnam, 1965: US Army Private First Class Tom Cargill seemed like most soldiers to the men in his squad, but little did they know that he was, in truth, an immortal More than two hundred years old, the son of the alchemist and sorcerer Cagliostro, Tom Cargill was the most powerful magician in the world. When Red Chinese soldiers threatened American lives in Vietnam, Cargill donned a mask and costume to battle evil as the supernatural superhero Magicman Whether overseas at war or in the homeland against mad scientists and alien invaders from outer space, Magicman used his powers to fight for justice wherever evil and terror reigned.