Old Man Drinks: Recipes, Advice, and Barstool Wisdom (Hardcover)

Recipes, Advice, and Barstool Wisdom

By Robert Schnakenberg, Michael E. Reali (Photographer)

Quirk Books, 9781594744501, 159pp.

Publication Date: April 14, 2010



Lose those girly cocktails and start drinking like a real man--a real old man These Old Man Drinks are guaranteed to put hair on that scrawny baby's bottom you call a chest. From Boilermakers and Sidecars to Rusty Nails and Satan's Whiskers, these old-school party starters go down just as rough as they sound. No pink drinks or foo-foo umbrellas here Just the good stuff--whiskey, rye, bourbon, gin--and some priceless life lessons that only the very old can provide. So man up, quit your bitchin', and grab a stool, 'cause it's gonna be a long night.

About the Author

Robert Schnakenberg is the author of several nonfiction books. His favorite Old Man Drinks include the Gimlet, the Cuba Libre, and the Gin and Tonic.