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Cane River - Abridged - Abridged (Digital Audiobook)

By Lalita Tademy, Shari Belafonte (Narrator), Edwina Moore (Narrator), JoMarie Payton (Narrator)

Publication Date: October 31, 2005

Other Editions of This Title:
Mass Market (2/1/2005)
Paperback (4/1/2002)


Lalita Tademy was a successful vice president at Sun Microsystems when she began what became an obsessive two-year search to uncover the story of her family's roots. It was a personal odyssey that took her back to the early 1800s and a small rural community on Louisiana's Cane River. There, digging through official records, conducting interviews, and relying on the expertise of professional genealogists, Tademy was able to bring to vivid life four remarkable women--her great, great, great, great grandmother Elisabeth; her great, great, great grandmother Suzette; her great, great grandmother Philomene; and her great-grandmother Emily.Beginning in slavery, sweeping through the Civil War, and bringing us into the pre-Civil Rights South, we follow the struggles of these four women through extraordinary hardships as they learn to empower themselves and, despite overwhelming pressures, get their due and preserve their heritage.

Meticulously researched and beautifully written, this woman's "Roots" presents a slice of American history never before seen in such piercing and personal detail.