Red and Blue and Broke All Over (Hardcover)

Restoring America's Free Economy

By Charles Goyette

Sentinel, 9781595230829, 244pp.

Publication Date: March 15, 2012



"New York Times" bestselling author of "The Dollar Meltdown".""In his "New York Times" bestseller "The Dollar Meltdown," Charles Goyette showed how increasing government debt is destroying the dollar and the wealth of the American people. But the problem goes much deeper: the country is heading for financial ruin because our leaders are ideologically bankrupt. The time has come for a dramatic solution.

We need look no further than the Obama White House to find the culprits of America's crippled prospects for recovery. They ve forced the adoption of bailouts and unnecessary spending programs that do little but destroy wealth and drown the government in more debt and ever increasing red tape while engaging in undeclared wars at the expense of the people and their prosperity.

But this isn t just a Democratic problem. The Bush administration was no better, with its unending and bankrupting elective war and the largest bailout in our nation's history. It's time for a solution that goes beyond politics as usual from the same old Red or Blue.

Goyette explains how the growth of federal power and its costly warfare and welfare spending are bankrupting America and strangling our prosperity. The incredible $1.2 trillion a year we spend on state security is leading us straight down the road to ruinous debt. Transfer payments and social spending are equally unsustainable financial time bombs. The time has come to release the stranglehold of excessive government spending and ineffective over-regulation and let the free economy function as it was originally intended.

Career politicians continue to pointlessly argue without enacting real and effective change. No wonder a feeling of disenfranchisement is growing. Their destructive agenda needs to be exposed and stopped before it does us any more harm. Goyette reveals:

How increasing government debt and inflationary manipulations will bring down the dollar, which is already in decline. How the longstanding practice of crony capitalism the strong ties between bankers, corporate executives, and their buddies and former colleagues in high government posts strangles our economy. Why we need to reign in overseas spending and end American interventionism, before we meet the same fate as The Roman Empire, Napoleon's France, the Soviet Union, and every other empire in history. Why freedom works and why the state doesn t. Left to flourish on their own, spontaneous, self-organizing systems can and will restore our prosperity.


"Red and Blue and Broke All Over" couldn t be timelier. In the face of the American government's reckless spending, invasive social programs, unnecessary warmongering, and ill-advised, ineffective financial manipulation, it's time to face the facts: we can t continue along the same destructive path if we re serious about turning our country around

About the Author

Charles Goyette is the author of the "New York Times" bestseller "The Dollar Meltdown." A former Phoenix radio talk-show host, he appears on many national television talk shows. He has contributed to, The Daily Reckoning, and, and has written for the "American Conservative,",, and He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Praise For Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America's Free Economy

“Another eye opening, jaw dropping, blood boiling and fantastic book by Charles Goyette. Loved it!”

--Robert T. Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“There are two paths forward for America: towards fascism and poverty, or capitalism and prosperity. I don't need to tell you what route we are presently taking. But thanks to national treasure Charles Goyette, we now have a handbook for fixing what ails us: Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America's Free Economy. Read it for yourself and your family. Then pass the word to your neighbors and friends. This book can change our future. And how desperately we need that.” 

--Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., Chairman and CEO, the Ludwig von Mises Institute

Red and Blue and Broke All Over tells you everything you need to know about the fix America is in and what to do about it. Deftly interweaving history, economics, and political philosophy, Goyette provides a relentlessly interesting explanation of the true factors driving us toward fiscal collapse.”

--Thomas E. Woods, Jr., author of Meltdown

How did a country as prosperous as ours get “broke all over”?  Charles Goyette makes a clear and compelling case that it is the result of a change in American ideals.  The good news is it can be fixed.  Highly recommended!”

--Barry Goldwater, Jr. United States Congressman 1969-1983

“Charles Goyette is a real treasure. For years he has delighted radio and TV audiences with his unwavering devotion to the values of small government and sound money and personal freedom. In “Red And Blue And Broke All Over”, he has given us a funny and irreverent examination of ‘only in America’ tales of government excess and stupidity. If you have a crazy Big Government loving brother-in-law who needs a dose of reality, read this book and you will win every argument you have with him. And if you just want to know how the government has stolen freedom and property and enriched itself, Charles has it all here for you.”

--Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Anchor, ���FreedomWatch���, Fox Business Network