1968 (Hardcover)

By Michael Kaufman

Roaring Brook Press, 9781596434288, 148pp.

Publication Date: January 6, 2009




From racial and gender equality fights to the struggle against the draft and the Vietnam war, in 1968 Americans asked questions and fought for their rights. Now, 30 years later, we look back on that seminal year--from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assasination to the Columbia University riots to our changing role among other nations--in this gripping introduction to the events home and abroad. The year we first took steps in space, the year we shaped the present, "1968" presented by a former "New York Times" writer who lived through it all, shares the story with detail and passion.

About the Author

MICHAEL T. KAUFMAN spent more than 40 years at The New York Times, from copyboy to foreign correspondent and deputy foreign editor. He is the author of nine books including ROOFTOPS AND ALLEYS, a children's book about a ten-year-old New Yorker. He lives in Manhattan.

Praise For 1968

“In his succinctly titled 1968, Michael T. Kaufman draws on New York Times archives, his personal experience as a young Times staffer, a wealth of historic news photographs and other sources to replay these often bloody highlights from that pivotal year. Older readers who lived through 1968 will profit from Kaufman’s account, as will younger ones who can’t remember who came first.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Introduces readers to the people and events that defined one important year in history.” —Library Media Connection