The Chessman (Hardcover)

By Jeffrey B. Burton

MacAdam/Cage Publishing, 9781596923706, 347pp.

Publication Date: May 25, 2012



Hidden forces are willing to kill any and all

who stand in the way of untold billions. To

toss the authorities off track, they borrow

the modus operandi of a brutal serial killer

The Chessman who stalked the corridors

of power in Washington, D.C. some years

earlier. The ruse is working brilliantly except

for one minor detail: the real Chessman is

not pleased not pleased one iota that

someone has stolen his M.O. Enter Drew Cady,

ex-FBI agent, who finds himself being sucked

back into the very case that almost took his

life, a case that crippled him both physically

and emotionally. By capturing The Chessman

and his blood-spattered copycat, Cady has a

last shot at redemption. If he can find a way to

survive, that is.