Ignition (Paperback)

What You Can Do to Fight Global Warming and Spark a Movement

By Jonathan Isham (Editor), Sissel Waage (Editor), Bill McKibben (Introduction by), Mary Lou Finley (Contributions by), John Passacantando (Contributions by), Susanne Moser (Contributions by), Rebecca Gould (Contributions by), Bob Musil (Contributions by), Bill Shutkin (Contributions by), Julia West (Contributions by), Ben Gore (Contributions by), Eban Goodstein (Contributions by), Julian Agyeman (Contributions by), Harriet Bulkeley (Contributions by), Aditya Nochur (Contributions by), Bob Doppelt (Contributions by), William Chaloupka (Contributions by), Kenton de Kirby (Contributions by), Pamela Morgan (Contributions by), Ted Nordhaus (Contributions by), Michael Shellenberger (Contributions by), Christopher McGregory Klyza (Contributions by), David J. Sousa (Contributions by), Barry Rabe (Contributions by), Eileen Claussen (Contributions by), Jared Duval (Contributions by), Nathan Wyeth (Contributions by)

Island Press, 9781597261562, 304pp.

Publication Date: July 30, 2007

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The evidence is irrefutable: global warming is real. While the debate continues about just how much damage spiking temperatures will wreak, we know the threat to our homes, health, and even way of life is dire. So why isn’t America doing anything? Where is the national campaign to stop this catastrophe?
It may lie between the covers of this book. Ignition brings together some of the world’s finest thinkers and advocates to jump start the ultimate green revolution. Including celebrated writers like Bill McKibben and renowned scholars like Gus Speth, as well as young activists, the authors draw on direct experience in grassroots organization, education, law, and social leadership. Their approaches are various, from building coalitions to win political battles to rallying shareholders to change corporate behavior. But they share a belief that private fears about deadly heat waves and disastrous hurricanes can translate into powerful public action.
For anyone who feels compelled to do more than change their light bulbs or occasionally carpool, Ignition is an essential guide. Combining incisive essays with success stories and web resources, the book helps readers answer the most important question we all face: “What can I do?”

About the Author

Jonathan Isham is Luce Professor of International Environmental Economics in the Department of Economics and Program in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College, Vermont.

Sissel Waage is an independent consultant who works on environmental and social aspects of sustainability issues in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Praise For Ignition: What You Can Do to Fight Global Warming and Spark a Movement

"Global warming is depressing. Ignition is not. In fact, it's hopeful, sometimes irreverent, and always inspiring. Its authors 'get it'! They understand that combating climate change is a long-term struggle that will require determination, political savvy, and even a little bit of humor."

— Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfand, filmmakers, "Everything's Cool" and "Blue Vinyl"

"This diverse and unfailingly astute group of authors shows how global warming affects us all and how we can all help fight it. Read this book. Join the movement. You'll make a profitable investment in your future, in our planet, and in prosperity."

— L. Hunter Lovins, President and founder, Natural Capitalism, Inc.

"A spark-plug for the emerging climate movement, this book inspires, shapes, motivates, and empowers! Ignition helps transform our baby steps into mature, fresh, energetic, and unswerving strides."

— Prof. Calvin B. DeWitt, University of Wisconsin-Madison and President, Academy of Evangelical Scientists

"Ignition assembles some of the movement's best thinkers and most promising strategies, and one can begin to see how all the pieces add up to something that just might work. This is a crucial handbook for anyone who wants to be part of the solution."

— Billy Parish, co-founder of the Energy Action Coalition

"Ignition is at different times both visionary and very practical...it has lessons for all of those now helping build a true worldwide movement to tackle climate change."

— Nature Reports