Boomerang Selling (Paperback)

By Ryan Urban

Dog Ear Publishing, 9781598584769, 168pp.

Publication Date: May 23, 2008

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Throw a boomerang in a specific motion and it returns to you in a certain amount of time. If your form is good, there is perfect efficiency - there is no wasted movement on your part. If you throw it correctly, you soon see specific positive returns. If you don't throw it correctly, the boomerang will fly off in another direction and you've wasted your time and effort. The strength with which the boomerang returns to you is directly proportional to the effort you expend when you release it. Boomerang Selling, therefore, is the process of working and selling efficiently. It's the strategy of achieving maximum results for minimum time and effort.The Boomerang Selling plan is aggressive and creative, designed specifically to set you apart from your competition. In this fast-moving, easy to read book, sales & marketing expert Ryan Urban provides a clear roadmap to sales success for salespeople and small business owners alike. RYAN URBAN is a leading expert in the fields of sales, marketing and public speaking. Creator of the Speak With Confidence Now public speaking program and experienced business owner and sales manager, Ryan has trained professionals in virtually every industry in small business marketing, sales prospecting, personal marketing and sales presentations. Ryan's background includes executive management in the insurance and health care fields;he has written articles on sales, marketing and public speaking for a variety of national and trade publications;he has worked oneon-one with sales professionals and sales teams. Ryan is also a long-time professional musician, and spent over twenty years in broadcasting. Ryan lives in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife Diana and their daughters, Shannon and Megan.