Black-Winged Love (Paperback)

By Tomoko Yamashita, Tomoko Yamashita (Artist)

NETCOMICS, 9781600093241, 192pp.

Publication Date: November 24, 2009



  • Yoko is a high school heartthrob with a reputation for amazing techniques in the bedroom -- at least that's what his fellow students gossip about him. One day, when Yoko arrives at school covered in bandages, his classmate Yukio vows to protect him. Little does he know the forbidden practices that are in store for him. Meanwhile, driving student Ishimoto finds a curious commonality with his Driver's Ed. Instructor -- an old action-hero television series beloved in their childhood. But, their innocent bonding just might lead them into far more adult experiences. In another tale of forbidden infatuation, Fumi finds himself fascinated by the handsome young man his own brother has become while studying abroad... perhaps even a little too fascinated. Finally, high school thug Kanda secretly falls in love with a fellow gang banger, but soon they realize that their own bad habits can destroy the future of their love.