Dinosaur Parade: A Spectacle of Prehistoric Proportions (Hardcover)

A Spectacle of Prehistoric Proportions

By Kelly Milner Halls, Rick C. Spears

Lark Books (NC), 9781600592676, 32pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2008



Gigantic dinosaurs, tiny dinos, dinosaurs of every size: they re gathered here for a big parade and kids are invited to join in the fun These endlessly fascinating prehistoric creatures may have vanished from the Earth more than 60 million years ago, but this large-format picture book shows what it might be like to stand next to a real, live dinosaur. Colorful illustrations capture a happy procession of children marching alongside an array of dinosaurs; with just one look, young readers can put the relative sizes of human and beast in perspectiveinstantly making dinosaurs accessible.
Dinosaur Parade answers all those endless questions, too: a simple rhyming text introduces nine well-known dinosaur groups, from Sauropods to Therizinosaurs. Children eager to learn more can delve into fascinating facts about over 60 dinosaurs at the bottom of the each page including their names, when they lived, and where they were found. The information is fabulousbut the contagiously joyful, festive feeling every picture conveys is even better