Incredible Animals!: Eye-Opening Photos of Animals in Action (Hardcover)

Eye-Opening Photos of Animals in Action

By playBac Publishing (Manufactured by)

Play Bac, 9781602140592, 96pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2008



From leaping lemurs to slow-moving sloths, lizards that can walk on water and protective mother bears, "Incredible Animals " is an around-the-world journey that is as fantastic as it is fascinating. Animals hunting, sleeping, eating and at play, show us another side of life in the wild.

Jaw-dropping photos, fun facts, and amazing statistics draw young readers into the wonder of the natural world. Amazing and rarely seen images, presented in 46 panoramic spreads, presented with just the right amount of details about locations, behaviors, and the relationship we share with the living world around us, are the perfect introduction to a lifetime of interest in our (Incredible ) planet earth.