Body-Centered Inquiry (Compact Disc)

Meditation Training to Awaken Your Inner Guidance, Vitality, and Loving Heart

By Sudhir Jonathan Foust

Sounds True, 9781604079838, 1pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2014

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How to Access Your Body's Vast Reservoir of Wisdom and CreativityEvery experience occurs first in the body--then our mind interprets, judges, and adds a story to what occurred. "By learning to tune into the energetic experience of our body," teaches Jonathan Foust, "we can access the awareness that allows our creativity, compassion, and intuition to shine through." With Body-Centered Inquiry, this experienced teacher brings you a powerful approach that synthesizes mindfulness meditation, focusing, and intuitive inquiry as a pathway for developing this powerful connection to our greatest natural source of wisdom.
Practices to Enliven the Relationship Between Mind, Body, and SpiritThe Body-Centered Inquiry process begins with simply realizing what's occurring in each moment. With accessible meditation practices, Foust teaches you how to meet each experience with non-judgmental curiosity and acceptance. You'll learn mindfulness practices to cultivate open-hearted kindness toward even the most difficult emotions, thoughts, and memories. Finally, you'll learn essential skills for transforming stuck feelings through forgiveness, honing your intuition, and investigating the deepest truths of your own heart and mind.With accessible teaching and practical meditations, Body-Centered Inquiry shows you how to reliably access the "still, small voice within" that speaks with the wisdom of the body to find answers to persistent problems, set free your creativity, and deepen the connection between your body and mind.HIGHLIGHTS
  • The RAIN Process--a powerful formula for meeting all experience with acceptance and kindness"Your issues are in your tissues"--how the body records our thoughts and experiences, and what to do about stuck energyBody-scan techniques for investigating and healing physical, emotional, and habitual difficultiesWhy our resistance to pain and discomfort amplifies its effects, and how to relax into all feelingsTapping into the evolutionary intelligence of your body for growth and transformationWorking with the rational mind--how to integrate the strengths of your everyday consciousness with the wisdom of the bodyAllowing challenging emotions like anger and fear to fulfill their purpose and naturally move through youPractices for enhancing your creativity by quieting the critical mindForgiveness as a fully embodied processMore than seven hours of insights and guided practices from master meditation and yoga teacher Jonathan Foust

About the Author

Sudhir Jonathan FoustJonathan Foust, MA is a senior teacher and former president of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. A workshop and retreat leader for more than 20 years, he has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yoga Journal, and more. He lives in Maryland with his wife, Dr. Tara Brach. For more, visit