Body Eloquence: The Power of Myth and Story to Awaken the Body's Energies (Paperback)

The Power of Myth and Story to Awaken the Body's Energies

By Nancy Mellon, Ashley Ramsden, Donna Eden (Foreword by)

Energy Psychology Press, 9781604150285, 253pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 2008



Have you ever had an ache or pain, and wished your body could talk to you and tell you what was wrong? You're not alone! Master storyteller Nancy Mellon, author of Body Eloquence, has guided scores of people through the process of giving their bodies a voice. Drawing from mythology, medicine, biology and energetic healing, she finds the essential stories that characterize each organ of the human body, and trains us how to use these resources to identify the messages that our organs are communicating to us.The heart, for instance, is not just a durable pump, sending oxygenated blood to every cell. It's also a representation of goodwill; a heart-to-heart connection, or an openhearted friend, are universal stories we can all identify. But a hard-hearted person is one we all avoid. These archetypes are found in mythologies from Native American traditions to Scandinavian tribes to Greek history, and are woven together in a fascinating matrix in Body Eloquence, showing how our organs are part of our psyche, our history, and our collective mythology.

About the Author

Nancy Mellon, is an adult educator and psychotherapist with a specialty in healing through the arts. She presents workshops and courses world-wide, and is the author of Storytelling and the Art of the Imagination (40,000 copies sold).Ashley Ramsden is the directing founder of the School of Storytelling at Emerson College, Sussex, England, and teaches frequently in the United States.