Revolution and Other Writings: A Political Reader (Paperback)

A Political Reader

By Gustav Landauer, Gabriel Kuhn (Editor), Gabriel Kuhn (Translator)

PM Press, 9781604860542, 351pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 2010



The first comprehensive collection of Gustav Landauer's writings in English, this valuable addition to the history of anarchism in the early 20th century gathers more than 40 influential works by one of Germany's most prominent radical agitators. The readings presented here cover Landauer's entire political biography, from his early anarchism of the 1890s and his philosophical reflections at the turn of the century to the subsequent establishment of the Socialist Bund and his tireless agitation against the coming Great War. Additional chapters on war and nationalism, the United States and Mexico, and opinion pieces and personal letters reveal the further scope of Landauer's thinking with pieces on corporate capital, education, language, and Judaism.

About the Author

Gustav Landauer was one of the key figures of German anarchism who influenced many prominent authors, including Martin Buber, Walter Benjamin, and Hermann Hesse. Gabriel Kuhn is the author of "Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge, and Radical Politics" and "Women Pirates and the Politics of the Jolly Roger." Richard J.F. Day is an autonomy-oriented theorist and practitioner, whose work focuses on creating non-statist, non-capitalist, post-colonial, sustainable alternatives to the dominant global order. He works and teaches at Queen's University, and is a founding member of the AKA Autonomous Social Centre, both in Kingston Ontario.

Praise For Revolution and Other Writings: A Political Reader

"If there were any justice in this worldat least as far as historical memory goesthen Gustav Landauer would be remembered, right along with Bakunin and Kropotkin, as one of anarchism's most brilliant and original theorists."  Jesse Cohn, author, Anarchism and the Crisis of Representation

"Should be required reading for anyone with an interest in radical social change."  James Horrox, author, A Living Revolution

"The most influential German anarchist intellectual of the 20th century."  Paul Avrich, author, Anarchist Voices

"Wikileaks founder Julian Assange prefaced entries on a now-defunct blog with a quotation from German Gustav Landauer, an anarchist thinker who was killed by troops in Munich in 1919."  CBS News