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The Human Front (Outspoken Authors)

Ken MacLeod


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Winner of a Prometheus and Sidewise Award, this science fiction novella is a comedic and biting commentary on capitalism and an exploration of technological singularity in a posthuman civilization. As a world war rages on without an emerging victor, the story follows John Matheson, an idealistic teenage Scottish guerilla warrior who must change his tactics and alliances with the arrival of an alien species. This alternate history and poignant political satire flips hero types and expectations, delivering a lively tale of adventure—as dramatic and thought provoking as it is funny. Also included is an interview with the author and two essays that relate his poignant views on social philosophies.

Praise For The Human Front (Outspoken Authors)

"MacLeod is a fiercely intelligent, prodigiously well-read author who manages to fill his books with big issues without weighing them down."  —

"MacLeod's novels are fast, funny, and sophisticated. There can never be enough books like these."  —Kim Stanley Robinson, author, Mars trilogy

"Scottish author Ken MacLeod bolsters his tight, brilliant, alternate-history novella with two supporting essays and a lengthy interview, combining revolutionary politics, flying-saucer lore, and family dynamics in a slender but potent volume." —Publishers Weekly

" excellent tale, one that readers should be glad to see made readily available in the United States."—Publishers Weekly

"There’s a ‘Plus ...’ on the cover and title page, indicating the inclusion of a pair of reflective essays by the author, an interview conducted by Terry Bisson, and an extensive bibliography of MacLeod’s fiction and non-fiction. The elements of the package interact nicely."  —Russell Letson, Locus

"Although the novella soars off into high science fiction for its end twist, its grounding in the Scotland and the Lewis of Macleod’s childhood gives it a sense of solidity, grounding it in real history and left wing arguments remembered." —Pik Smeet, World Socialism

PM Press, 9781604863956, 128pp.

Publication Date: March 25, 2013

About the Author

Ken MacLeod is the author of The Night Sessions, The Restoration Game, and The Stone Canal.