The American Language (Paperback)

By H. L. Mencken

Cosimo Classics, 9781605206233, 512pp.

Publication Date: August 28, 2009



Perhaps the first truly important book about the divergence of American English from its British roots, this survey of the language as it was spoken-and as it was changing-at the beginning of the 20th century comes via one of its most inveterate watchers, journalist, critic, and editor HENRY LOUIS MENCKEN (1880-1956). In this replica of the 1921 "revised and enlarged" second edition, Mencken turns his keen ear on: - the general character of American English - loan-words and non-English influences - expletives and forbidden words - American slang - the future of the language - and much, much more. Anyone fascinated by words will find this a thoroughly enthralling look at the most changeable language on the face of the planet.