Eat This Not That! for Kids!: Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save Your Child from Obesity! (Paperback)

Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save Your Child from Obesity!

By David Zinczenko, Matt Goulding

Rodale Press, 9781605299433, 303pp.

Publication Date: August 19, 2008



It's no secret that children are getting fatter: 17% of this country's youth are overweight or obese, and the number of diabetic children has nearly quadrupled in the past thirty years. Now, to help combat the problem, David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of "Men's Health," and co-author Matt Goulding have created "Eat This, Not That for Kids." This must-have guide for concerned parents offers detailed analysis and nutritional tips on thousands of the most popular food choices for kids. Covering the best and worst options available at the most popular restaurants in the country as well as the healthiest and most harmful foods in the supermarket aisles, if kids are eating it, this book is probably analyzing it.

Other features include:
-Restaurant Report Cards on the best chain restaurants for your kids
-Drink This, Not That for Kids
-The 20 Worst Kids' Meals in America
-10 "Healthy" Foods that Aren't
-The 8 Foods You Should Feed Your Kid Every Day.

About the Author

DAVID ZINCZENKO, editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine, is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Abs Diet and The Abs Diet for Women. Once an overweight child, Zinczenko has become one of the nation's leading experts on health and fitness. He is a regular contributor to the Today show, and has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, and Primetime Live. MATT GOULDING is the food and nutrition editor of Men's Health. He has cooked and eaten his way around the world, touching down in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he divides most of his time between computer and stovetop.

Praise For Eat This Not That! for Kids!: Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save Your Child from Obesity!

Praise for Eat This, Not That! For Kids:
“We are learning so much [from Eat This, Not That! and Eat This, Not That! For Kids].”
-- Rachael Ray “I love nutrition, I’ve gone to nutritionists, but putting it in this kind of stuff that we recognize in our everyday lives with our families, is truly educational. This is great.” --Bonnie Hunt, host of The Bonnie Hunt Show “I Think Eat This, Not That! is a brilliant book.”-Rachael Ray  "You can still have fun, but there are alternatives."
--Al Roker, TODAY  “All-in-all, I found this to be a great little book and actually quite fun to read with its many pictures. With good knowledge in hand, the only other obstacle a parent faces is getting their kids motivated to carry out the advice in the book.” reviewer, Mark “It is great that the book has easy to make substitutions and ideas to get the most nutrition you can out of a fast food meal. This is a great book for any family to keep in the car for those meals on the go. Everyone can make the most informed choice possible!” review, Ramona Ferguson “I absolutely love this book. I thought I was making healthy food choices before (and I was, for the most part). But this book opened my eyes to some shockingly bad food choices I was making. It also surprised me to find out how deceptively some food was marketed as healthy when it was anything but. (Organic "health food" cereal with as much sugar as a soda, for instance .. who would have thought??!!!)  I'm so glad I bought it .. you will be, too!  I was so impressed that I even bought extra for other family members!.” review, E. Heyn