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No Ghost Under My Bed

Guido Van Genechten


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A father helps his child overcome a fear of ghosts in this humorous and lighthearted bedtime tale. The little penguin Jake hears all kinds of strange noises as he tries to fall asleep. Asking himself "Could there be ghosts in the room? "Jake quickly summons his Dad to check things out and make his room safe. Moving patiently from the bed to the curtain to the wardrobe and sticking his head under the carpet, Jake's dad explains that it's merely the bed creaking, the wind rustling the curtain, and there are only toys in the chest. Satisfied that his father has chased away all of the ghosts, Jake is finally ready for sleep.

Clavis, 9781605370699, 30pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2010

About the Author

Guido van Genechten is an illustrator and the author of several bestselling children's books, including "Alex and the Tart," "Flop Ear and His Friends," "Peek-a-Poo," the Ricky series, ""and "Snowy's Special Secret." He is the winner of the "Reader's Digest" Award for Best Children's Books Illustrator and the Picture Book of the Year in Holland.