The Dragons of Noor (Hardcover)

By Janet Lee Carey

EgmontUSA, 9781606840351, 432pp.

Publication Date: October 12, 2010

List Price: 17.99*
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A dreamwalker who has lost her way. A shape shifter who fears his own dark power. A fire herd punished for his magic. Can these three teens keep the human world of Noor and the magical world of Oth from splitting apart?

The ancient trees of Noor are dying. If the blight kills the last azure trees whose deep roots bind the worlds, the bridge between Noor and Oth will split apart forever. Already as Hanna, Miles, and Taunier sail to the source of the blight, the rent between the worlds is widening, and magic is going out of Noor. The quest deepens when a strange wind blows across Noor stealing young children, and Hanna is powerless to protect her younger brother from the stealing wind. The Three journey east to the azure forests of Jarrosh. East to the dragon lands. East to the place where the wind-stolen children were taken. In Jarrosh, among dragons, the Three will be challenged to discover their hidden powers. Each of them must break beyond the boundaries of self to discover the ancient magic joining all to all.

About the Author

Janet Lee Carey is the author of "Stealing Death," as well as "The Beast of Noor" and "Dragon's Keep," which has been deemed a critical and popular success. Her novel "Wenny Has Wings" was recently turned into a major feature film in Japan. Her novels are well represented on state lists, and she won the Mark Twain Award in 2005. She lives in Washington State with her husband. You can visit her online at"