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Caitlin Scholl


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Praise For Makebelieve

Truly revolutionary and innovative, Caitlin Scholl's "Makebelieve" is a manifestation of a new era of poetry which is utterly fluent across genre, medium and discipline, getting closer to emotional transcription than previously imagined. Through the filter of another's permission, the reader becomes the no-longer-obscured object of desire. With deft verbal and visual collage, her book engages and expands poetry itself at multiple levels, working across the field from the anagrammatic to the meta-narrative. I predict the quilt of this book will unfold for a long time to come, and will affect our poetic territories in radical ways we have yet to imagine. The author says it best, so read on. —Lee Ann Brown

In her moving text/image book, Caitlin School asks, "Why does it take a love affair to talk about this place?" I suggest reading this book as if in a state of revelation: here is a language of forked tongues that responds in kind to the mystery. —Selah Saterstrom

"Makebelieve" is a many-headed tall tale that careens through the imagination—the conceptual boundaries of the story completely melt away. Through a scrapbook of false biographies and true fantasies, the living lore of the Adirondacks pulsates. This book is a forcefield, a whirlwind of mood and mode. —Brenda Iijima

"Makebelieve" brings to the table much of what many an artist loves to stash away for her own elation, to service the fictive—little drawings, doodles, notes, photographs, collage, an accumulation of language reaching in and out. It is a lovely book. —Christopher Stackhouse

Univ of New Orleans Press, 9781608010561, 284pp.

Publication Date: March 16, 2012