The Behavior Breakthrough (Hardcover)

Leading Your Organization to a New Competitive Advantage

By Steve Jacobs

Greenleaf Book Group Press, 9781608324187, 240pp.

Publication Date: May 28, 2013

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What's the secret to superior execution? Is it brilliant strategy? Better processes? Superior technology? No. None of these suffices individually, or even in combination. To perform well over the long term, to make everyone's valiant efforts work and stick, you need another ingredient, something basic and seemingly ordinary: behavior.
New results require new behavior. It's that simple and that difficult.
"The Behavior Breakthrough" reveals the quiet revolution that is underway in pioneering and successful organizations. Their people routinely focus on move the needle priorities, they skillfully identify the new actions that are required to win, and they consistently perform them.
In this compelling book, organizational behavior expert Steve Jacobs and his colleagues explain how these companies do it, presenting the game-changer for new business results. They offer lessons on identifying high-impact behavior, fostering it, and building new and lasting competitive advantage. Moreover, they share the important implications of behavioral leadership for breakthroughs in executing business plans, coaching for elite performance, guiding large-scale change, building culture, and accelerating talent strategies.
Distilling decades of research and experience, the authors deliver a career-changing and life-changing book that will give you new eyes, simple models for everyday use, and inspiring and instructive stories of Fortune 500 leaders who have won big results.

About the Author

Steve Jacobs is chairman and senior partner of The Continuous Learning Group (CLG) consultancy. He has worked with senior executives for decades, advising them on ways to achieve new performance, culture change, and lasting competitive advantage. His counsel is sought by Fortune 100 corporate leaders and he speaks frequently at corporate and conference events. Steve holds an interdisciplinary bachelor of arts degree from the University of California and a master s degree from Harvard University.