Lighting & Design for Portrait Photography: Direction & Quality of Light (Paperback)

Direction & Quality of Light

By Neil Van Niekerk (Photographer)

Amherst Media, 9781608958153, 128pp.

Publication Date: December 16, 2014



Some photographers make portraits that we can t take our eyes off of. These images create mood, evoke emotion, and pique our curiosity. They have that certain something that other portraits seem to lack. These rare images are memorablethe kind of shots that clients want and photographers strive to emulate. These portraits are technically precise and have style.
Neil van Niekerk is a big name in the portrait and wedding photography industry. His masterful photographs get a reaction, and he's devoted to helping others create compelling portraits for their clients. In this book, van Niekerk shows readers strategies for creating a wide range of portrait looks (romantic, fun, sweet, dramatic, glamorous, or moody) in lackluster, middle-of-nowhere locales, small home studios, big expanses, and even on rooftops. Starting with traditional lighting and posing strategies and moving through spicier varieties, he shows readers how integrating specialized lighting (rim lighting, backlighting, flare, and low-key lightingusing natural light and artificial sources) and compositional approaches (shallow depth of field, lens compression, and unorthodox perspectives) into their creative approach can allow them to take full creative control over their portrait-taking process so that they re able to deliver incredible shots of their clients in any photographic conditions.