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Cover for The Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 12

The Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 12

True Stories from Around the World

Lavinia Spalding (Editor)


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As Andrew McCarthy wrote in The New York Times Book Review, "For more than 20 years, Travelers' Tales has been publishing books that might best be described as the literary equivalent of a group of travelers sitting around a dim cafe, sipping pints or prosecco and trading their best stories."

Now, new from Travelers' Tales comes The Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 12: True Stories from Around the World--the latest collection in the best-selling, award-winning series that invites you to ride shotgun alongside intrepid female nomads as they wander the globe discovering new places, faces, and facets of themselves.

"In story after story," McCarthy wrote about the previous volume of The Best Women's Travel Writing, "the refreshing absence of bluster and bravado, coupled with the optimism necessary for bold travel, create a unifying narrative that testifies to the personal value and cultural import of leaving the perceived safety of home and setting out into the wider world."

The essays in this volume are as diverse as the destinations, exploring themes of kindness, transformation, nature, friendship, family, strength, and resilience.

In The Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 12, you will... Settle a thirteen-year debt in Cuba Learn to survive in the polar regions of Canada Witness an amateur autopsy in Ireland Get chloroformed, robbed, read to, and propositioned in Italy Summit Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Get lost and found on a dark and rainy morning in northern France Find joy in Azerbaijan while walking across two continents Explain American reality TV to a bewildered bunch in Bolivia Fear for your life on a stormy Adriatic Sea Bear witness at the site of a volcano disaster in Indonesia Contemplate the perils of too much safety in Nepal Get conned and taken for a ride in Colombia Track one of the world's most elusive animals in India Travel the world on stolen plane tickets Outgrow nihilism and embrace friendship at a convent in Spain ...and much more.

Travelers' Tales, 9781609521899, 328pp.

Publication Date: November 24, 2020

About the Author

Lavinia Spalding has edited five previous volumes of The Best Women's Travel Writing. She is also the author of Writing Away: A Creative Guide to Awakening the Journal-Writing Traveler and With a Measure of Grace, the Story and Recipes of a Small Town Restaurant, and she introduced the reissued e-book edition of Edith Wharton's classic travelogue, A Motor-Flight Through France. Her writing appears in numerous print and online publications, including Sunset, Yoga Journal, San Francisco magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Tin House, and The Best Travel Writing. She lives in New Orleans