Turn Up Your Fat Burn: Go from Frustrated to Fit with Our Revolutionary 4-Week Weight-Loss Program! (Hardcover)

Go from Frustrated to Fit with Our Revolutionary 4-Week Weight-Loss Program!

By Alyssa Shaffer, The Editors of Prevention Magazine (Editor)

Rodale Books, 9781609610494, 368pp.

Publication Date: April 10, 2012



A fresh and successful way to shed pounds in record time, "Turn Up Your Fat Burn " by Alyssa Shaffer and the Editors of Prevention magazine uses a two-pronged approach to weight loss. Based on two breakthroughs in exercise science, it focuses on increasing metabolism and improving one's ventilatory threshold (the point at which the body stops burning carbohydrates and starts converting fat stores into energy) to help readers at all fitness levels reach their goals.

In the 4-week program, cardio intervals boost overall conditioning, while metabolic strength circuits
build muscle and raise metabolism. In addition, "Turn Up Your Fat Burn " includes an optional diet plan designed to amp up readers' energy and weight loss results even more.

After just one month on the "Turn Up Your Fat Burn " plan, real readers who tried the program were seeing weight loss of 7, 11, even 221/2 pounds Plus they dropped inches, reduced body fat, and in some cases were even able to stop taking medications. With this life-changing program, the weight comes off and stays off.

About the Author

Alyssa Shaffer is an award-winning writer and editor specializing in health, fitness, and nutrition and author of The A-List Workout. Shaffer is a certified personal trainer and triathlete living in New York City.Prevention is the #1 healthy lifestyle brand and the largest health magazine in the United States, with a total readership of nearly 11 million.