Real Common Sense: Using Our Founding Values to Reclaim Our Nation for the 99% (Paperback)

Using Our Founding Values to Reclaim Our Nation for the 99%

By Brian Kahn

Seven Stories Press, 9781609804077, 223pp.

Publication Date: July 24, 2012



Real Common Sense insists that America, plagued with consumerism and private interests, has strayed from its Founding principles and the vision for America of our forefathers. Brian Kahn exposes the deceptions of the extreme Right and reminds us of the real Tom Paine who would be baffled to have "inspired" this explosion of reactionary politics. Real Common Sense reminds us of the great principles and values on which our country was founded--freedom, equality, democracy--and how previous generations have fought for them in the very best moments in our nation's history. And it calls on us, during these difficult times, to pick up the torch and do what needs to be done if we are to create an America worthy of our grandchildren.

About the Author

Brian Kahn is host of the award-winning public radio program Home Ground. He has been published in the Los Angeles Times, The Nation, and Field & Stream. He has worked as a ranch hand, college boxing coach, lawyer, conservationist, and journalist.