The Anatomy of Ghosts (Compact Disc)

By Andrew Taylor, John Telfer (Read by)

Blackstone Audiobooks, 9781609981495

Publication Date: March 15, 2011



1786, Jerusalem College, Cambridge. The ghost of Sylvia Whichcote is rumored to be haunting Jerusalem, since disturbed fellow-commoner, Frank Oldershaw, claims to have seen the dead woman prowling the grounds. Desperate to salvage her son's reputation, Lady Anne Oldershaw employs John Holdsworth, author of The Anatomy of Ghosts, a stinging account of why ghosts are mere delusion to investigate. But his arrival in Cambridge disrupts an uneasy status quo as he glimpses a world of privilege and abuse. And when Holdsworth finds himself haunted not only by the ghost of his dead wife, Maria, but also Elinor--the very-much-alive Master's wife--his fate is sealed.

About the Author

Andrew Taylor has won the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award twice, once for "The Office of the Deed" and, more recently, for "The American Boy."