Army of God: Joseph Kony's War in Central Africa (Paperback)

Joseph Kony's War in Central Africa

By David Axe, Tim Hamilton

PublicAffairs, 9781610392990, 111pp.

Publication Date: March 12, 2013



Joseph Kony is the most dangerous guerilla leader in modern African history.

It started with a visit from spirits. In 1991, Kony claimed that spiritual beings had come to him with instructions: he was to lead his group of rebels, the Lord's Resistance Army, in a series of brutal raids against ordinary Ugandan civilians. Decades later, Kony has sown chaos throughout Central Africa, kidnapping and terrorizing countless innocents--especially children. Yet despite an enormous global outcry, the Kony 2012 movement, and an international military intervention, the carnage has continued. Drawn from on-the-ground reporting by war correspondent David Axe and starkly illustrated by Tim Hamilton, Army of God is the first-ever graphic account of the global phenomenon surrounding Kony--from the devastation he has left behind to the long campaign to defeat him for good.

About the Author

David Axe is a freelance reporter based in Columbia, South Carolina. Since 2005 he has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Chad, Congo, and other conflict zones for Wired, the BBC, Salon, Esquire, C-SPAN, Voice of America, and many others. David is the author of several graphic novels, including War Fix, War is Boring, and most recently, The Accidental Candidate: The Rise and Fall of Alvin Greene. Tim Hamilton is a Brooklyn artist who has produced illustrations for the New York Times, Cicada Magazine, DC comics, Marvel comics, Mad magazine, Nickelodeon magazine, and Lifetime. He adapted Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 into a graphic novel, which was nominated for an Eisner award.