The Last Innocent Man (MP3 CD)

By Phillip M. Margolin, Christopher Lane (Performed by)

Brilliance Audio, 9781611062212

Publication Date: November 30, 2010



Defense attorney David Nash has made a career out of setting monsters free and no one does it better. Now a case has come to the Ice Man that could help cleanse Nash of the guilt and doubts that torment him: that rarest of all defendants, an innocent man.

A family man, a rising star in the legal profession, this new client has been accused of a heinous crime the brutal murder of an undercover vice cop. But the case that is supposed to be Nash's redemption could prove to be his downfall, dragging him into a dark and sinister world where lies and the truth are interchangeable; where the manipulator becomes the manipulated, and every answer spawns more complex and terrifying questions. And as the shadows close in around him, the final question that remains for David Nash concerns his own fate: life or death?

Beautifully constructed tightly written, a pleasant mixture of brutality and humanity, with a humdinger of a solution. Contra Costa Times

Margolin is the master. Pittsburgh Tribune Review