Our Lady of Alice Bhatti (Compact Disc)

By Mohammed Hanif, Nimra Bucha (Read by)

Dreamscape Media, 9781611208078

Publication Date: May 29, 2012



The patients of the Sacred Heart Hospital need a miracle. Alice Bhatti may be just what they re looking for. She's just been released from the Borstal Jail. She's the daughter of a part-time healer, and it seems she has inherited his gift. With a bit of begrudging but inspired improvisation, Alice begins to bring succor to the patients. But all is not miraculous. Alice is a Christian in an Islamic world, ensnared in the red tape of hospital bureaucracy, torn between her duty to her patients, her father and her husband - who is about to drag Alice into a situation so dangerous that perhaps not even a miracle will be able to save them. But, of course, Alice Bhatti is no ordinary young woman

About the Author

Mohammed Hanif was born in Pakistan. After leaving the Pakistan Air Force Academy to pursue a career in journalism, he worked for Newsline, India Today, and The Washington Post. He has written plays for the stage and screen, including a critically acclaimed BBC drama and the feature film The Long Night. Hanif is a graduate of University of East Anglia s creative writing programme. He is currently head of BBC s Urdu Service and lives in London. READER BIOProfessional actress Nimra Bucha has acted on stage and radio in Pakistan and the UK. She was actively involved in and performed with Baang Theatre, an actor's collective in Pakistan before she moved to London. She has also acted in plays for BBC World Service and Radio 4 and was in the radio adaptation of Salman Rushdie's award-winning novel Midnight's Children."

Praise For Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

"In this amusing novel, Hanif renders the intricacies and limitations of Pakistan's lowest rungs with humor and candor, allowing as little pity for his characters as they allow themselves." - Publishers Weekly
"Laced with humor, often ribald and iconoclastic, this is an insightful tale of pain and love, a story of a quest for humanity and grace in a desperate, chaotic society." - Kirkus Reviews
"Rambunctious, vulgar, funny and moving, Our Lady of Alice Bhatti wields enormous emotional punch..." - Time Magazine
"Hanif's storytelling is frequently impressive… touching and unusual." - Faith Brinkley, Literary Review
"Perhaps Pakistan's brightest English-language voice… This very finely put-together novel sparkles and glitters but never shows off... Hanif's novel is relentlessly readable, compulsively so as it surges towards its apocalyptic conclusion... sometimes the prose attains the heights of poetry… Our Lady of Alice Bhatti is profoundly humane, and humanist." - Robin Yassin-Kassab, Guardian
"The 200 pages spent in Alice Bhatti's presence are distressing, illuminating and often funny… In this bold, uncompromising novel, Hanif draws a compassionate and despairing portrait of a nation in bedlam." - Alice Albinia, Financial Times
"...one of the subcontinent's most compelling talents… Hanif finds the humanity in the most flawed of his protagonists and, in some unfathomable way, ends up affirming it." - Scotsman